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Ever had something happen to you and you have no idea what your next step should be? Well, that was ground zero for Taylor’s World. The hashtag #taylorsworld was created when Taylor was born. It was often used on social media to show the things that she would do and it would normally be asking to get out of her world, but I’ve found that since her death, it’s the one place where I’m happiest, the place that I find strength and purpose and muster up the courage to keep going.


When Taylor died, I had no idea what to do. I was alone, lost, and my faith was dwindling. I tried to pray, I cried, and I questioned God because ultimately, I couldn’t understand what I did to deserve a life that would be full of pain for the rest of my existence. In those moments of questioning God, it was like we were on an episode of 21 questions. He merely told me to trust the process and make Him look good. I had NOOOO idea what that meant, but I was willing to try to trust Him and take him at his word.


A random conversation with a total stranger gave me insight to what “make Him look good” meant. I explained to this stranger what my #taylorsworld shirt meant and he wanted to know how I was still able to smile and live through such pain. I explained that I trusted God through the process and my faith was the only thing I had left. That stranger told me he wanted to know the God I serve because He must be amazing if I can still trust Him when something so awful happened. It was at that moment that I understood what make Him look good meant!


During this time, I understood the vision. #taylorsworld is about helping people believe and get past the difficult moments and not becoming hostage to those issues! There is life beyond the struggle and beauty beyond the hurt. Because of my faith and my daughter Taylor, I keep pushing and I want to show others that even in the worst of times and unexpected circumstances, God is still good and His plan for you is still the same!