Why We Need Your Donation

Loving. Sassy. Inquisitive. Caring. Intelligent. Beautiful. All characteristics of five year-old Taylor Matthews.


Tragically, Taylor’s young life was cut short by a house fire without warning. The home had an expired smoke detector. It is through this unspeakable pain that Taylor’s World developed.

Our mission is to assist those experiencing difficult moments see the light at the end of the tunnel and not become a hostage of their circumstances. Our commitment also extends to educating families on fire safety and ensuring every home has a functional smoke detector while reminding that there is life beyond the struggle and beauty beyond the hurt.


We kindly ask for your support as we embark on elevating Taylor’s World to the next level. Any
amount will be appreciated, and all proceeds go directly to Taylor’s World. Your donation will
provide our clients access to the following:

- Mentors
- Smoke detectors
- Grief counselors
- Educational resources

Thank you for your donation.